Building A House  

Examples of showers with stone walls, without curtains or glass doors

Here are a few photos of the steps in building a shower with stone walls without glass doors or any curtains, this way is much more user friendly as maintenance and cleaning is easier.

floor plan

First we draw on the floor according to our plans where the walls will go.


Next the walls are built with concrete blocks.

stone shower wall

The ceramic tiles are installed on the floor, the walls and inside the shower, please note the floor tiles inside the shower need to be non slip tile floors for your own security.



Examples of shower with stone walls, without curtains or glass doors

On the outside of the wall we installed pebble stones that we sealed and painted with a marine lacquer in order to avoid any water damage and for easier cleaning.



Here is a view of the inside of the shower, note also the shelves built with cement and covered with ceramic tiles.

stone shower wall

Here is another example of a stone shower wall this one in a straight line without the curved wall section we have in the first example.

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