Building A House - Installing flagstone in our patio  

Recycling used tires into garden cement pots

We had some old tires we needed to either get rid off or doing something useful with them. As you can see in the attached photos we covered them with a cement mixture and some old flagstone rests and made them into useful garden cement pots. .

Our project needed the following materials, 4 old tires, 1 bag of cement, quarter bag of tile cement, about 4 bags of sand, in this case some leftover flagstone pieces and some filling material old plastic bottles and old newspapers (to fill the inside of the tires) and a bit of old rope to tighten the tires together plus a piece of old plastic sheet to protect the floor.


First step was to put some 2 tires together tightly with some old used rope and to place some plastic beneath them to protect the floor. We also use a drill to drill a couple holes on the lower part so the water can flow out (protect the holed temporarily with some screws so the cement wont cover them)


Recycling used tires into garden cement pots



Next we filled the inside with some  old plastic bottles and trash and then some old news paper. For the inside floor use some plastic plate from flower pots (or old 5 gallon plastic bucket covers as we did)



Now we made first a paste with tile cement that sticks well on the tires and plastered it inside and outside as seen in the image. Then we mixt the sand and cement (3 parts sand and 2 parts cement) and cover all inside and outside. And lastly with some tile cement we add the flagstone pieces.





The finished products can be seen in the last image, we fill them with good pot earth and plant whatever flowers we like there. Remember these post are gona be pretty heavy so best build them where you want them to end up as moving them is not easy.

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