Building A House - Installing flagstone in our patio  

Installing flagstone in our patio

Our project was to improve the patio in front of our house and around the BBQ area, where we had some lawn but wanted to create an area for some garden furniture and where we can entertain people.

Our project needed the following materials 20 bags of cement, 4  cubic yards of sand and 60 square meters of flagstone (called lajas here in Latin America)


First step was to accommodate the area meaning to level out the ground and making sure we had a light inclination for the water to flow off in the right direction.


Leveling the ground


Stones on the edges for stabilizing the ground

That job included to reforze the edge of the area with some stones to give it a terrace like appearance that at the same time stabilized the ground.

Installing flagstone in our patio


Installing flagstone in our patio


The cement was mixed 10 small bags of sand to one big bag of cement and poured on the ground then inserted the flagstones piece by piece.


cleaning the flagstones with a wet sponge

Before the cement dried out we cleaned each flagstone with a wet sponge.

Patio with flagstone floor

The finished patio with the flagstone flooring looks much more decorative than the lawn before, now our next project will be to find or build the matching patio furniture that we want in cement so it withstands the harsh and humid climate we have here in the tropics.

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