House Design Tips

Ideas for your dream house: floor plans, sketches, color combinations, kitchen layouts, bathroom layouts, house styles and types plus much more to start your own ideas flowing!

House Design Tips

Some House Design Tips

  • Calculate of how many square meter (or square feet) you can afford based on your local construction costs. This give you a first general idea on how big or small you should think.

  • Then start and think practical first, how many rooms do you need, how many bedrooms, how many bathrooms etc. etc. and how do you want the layout to be, remember make it practical first and think about the "good looks" later.

  • We bought an easy to use house design software from punchsoftware and did as many different layouts that came to mind. This went on over many months while we where looking for the right property and with each new layout we came a bit closer to what we finally wanted.

  • Once you have your property secured, adjust the layout to your property in size, landscape ( on a hill, flat land, trees you want to keep, etc.)

  • When you finally have it all best go to a professional Architect to do the final set of plans that include structural plans, pluming and electrical plans and all the rest of the nine yards. You most probably need a professional architect to do those plans because that is one of the requirements for the construction permits.

  • Your architect or your local building construction company will let you know what else is needed for all the required permits. Best go by the book and get that all done as requested, you will avoid problems down the road, construction standards and safety standards to your local rules and regulations must be followed.

  • Go out and look around at details of some homes you like and get some inspiration and ideas.

  • There are also some websites that sell ready made home plans available here. Just make sure that you read exactly what you pay for and check with a local architect if you can use those plans and that you understand the design involved.

  • One more thing, don't be afraid to experiment, but always remember keep within budget and be practical, its much more important that you feel comfortable in your home then of what your neighbor thinks of the looks of your house.


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