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Tips To Find The Right Location For Your New House with this Property Selection Checklist

  1. Don't ever let any real estate agent push you for a quick ""so called good deal", take your time and compare as many different places as you can.

  2. Once you have a few options that you like then make a check list and compare each property.

Some important factors to compare:

Best copy and paste this list into a word or excel document and adjust to your needs including any additional points that are important you.

Check List For Property Purchase - Property Selection Checklist
Factors to compare: Property 1 Property 2 Property 3 Property 4 Property 5
Size of the property.          
Cost of land (property)          
Estimated future increases or decreases of land value.          
Soil condition and type.          
Building restrictions in the area.          
Availability of utility services like water, electricity and phone and if not near what the cost is to make it happen.          
Are access roads in good condition?          
Nearest shopping facilities.          
Security situation of the neighborhood.          
If you have kids are there any close by schools.          
What are the nearest medical facilities.          
Construction cost in the area (if way up away you need to add probably more transportation cost for materials).          
Visit the property in the worst rainstorm and see if there is danger of flooding or landslides. (Avoid of being to close to a river or at almost lake/seashore level).          
Hurricanes or tornados frequent in the area?          
Is it very dry land, any danger for future nearby forest fires?          
Insurance cost in the area. This gives you normally also a good indication of risk factors.          
Check out the neighborhood, talk to some folks who live there to get an idea, if its noisy or secure etc.          
Is the property close to your workplace.          
What public transportation is available in the area?          
Is there any airport or railroad close by that is a noise problem?          
Bring a friend or constructor along and get a second opinion.          
Make sure the legal situation of the property is in order and get legal advice before signing anything.          
If needed is there financing available and at what conditions.          
Are there any tax or building incentives available in this area.          
Climate of the area.          
Existing vegetation like trees and bushes on the property.          
Any special feature of the property (like great view or big garden for example).          
Other issues.          
Can you really afford that property? Because be sure that construction will be more expensive then your first calculated, so better have recalculate all factors before committing to anything and build in a good reserve.          
From 1 - 10 which property you like best. Spend some time on the lot to get to know the property and to get a feel of it.          

Ok these are some of the points to compare in your check list and once your sure what is the best choice for you then go for it, but again better take you time and don't ever let any real estate sales folks stress you!


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